Horatio’s Happy Ending
Horatio is back on board

Pilgrim is back after lockdown with Covid Secure day sailings through the rest of August and September. If you want to sail with us check out the schedule here.

Horatio the heroThere’s been a lot of preparation done by our skipper and volunteers over recent weeks. One of the final tasks was to cast Horatio adrift and then go back and recover him safe and sound!

The story starts back in February and March this year when we underwent inspections for our 5 year Maritime and Coastguard Agency Certification. This involved both out of water and in water surveys which went well but a number of items were listed for subsequent action. One of those required us to undertake an at sea ‘man overboard recovery exercise’ with a 100kg dummy. While certain crew members volunteered and some even tried it out, a dummy was eventually assembled. It was weighted down by shingle from a local beach and some lead ingots and made buoyant with fenders and a lifejacket. We named him Horatio and provided a wet suite to keep him warm!

The exercise took place last weekend, was videoed and the file was sent to the MECAL inspection team in Plymouth. The verdict was “it looks like a good exercise which was executed well. The 100kg made up dummy gives realism to the weight to be pulled inboard of a fully-clothed, unconscious man”.

That was the last item outstanding on our certification which has now been confirmed as complete. Pilgrim is re-certificated as a Small Commercial Sailing Vessel Category 2. Well done to all concerned including ‘Horatio’ for his fortitude! All onboard can now be assured that in the very unlikely event of anyone ending up ‘in mare’ the Pilgrim team have the tackle and have been trained to get a casualty back on board swiftly.