Transfer from 2 wheels to 7 sails!

On a lovely July day in Brixham, these folks decided to transfer from 2 wheels to 7 sails! Pilgrim was delighted to host a visit from Devon Advanced Motorcyclists. Apparently they produce an annual calendar. No, not that sort of calendar! Just one that highlights all the amazing places they get to on their biking adventures.

They came aboard Pilgrim in Brixham at the end of one of our busy Open Days and soon got acclimatised to matters nautical. As you can see from the photo below, bikers seem to have to sit one behind each other! Funny that – we couldn’t seem to make them understand that when the bowsprit went out they’d all end up…well you can guess!


Motorcyclists on Pilgrim
Devon Advanced Motorcyclists on Pilgrim of Brixham


After much endeavour they managed to get one of our seven sails up, take lots of photos and a good time was had by all. Then, as you can see, there was no stopping them. They were getting ready to set sail – where’s the Skipper?


Motorcyclists setting sail
Time to see what speed this thing can do!


If you have a club, group or association that would like to have a guided tour of our 1895 masterpiece we’ll try our best to arrange something and fit you in. Just email