Winter Maintenance

Over the winter months Pilgrim moves from her home in Brixham into the more sheltered waters of the River Dart on the town pontoon in Dartmouth.

While she is there our volunteer team, overseen by Richard our Skipper, are busy with annual maintenance tasks, minor repairs to damage sustained during last summer’s sailing and improvements below deck. This winter these include an extensive Galley refit amongst other things. Some work is undertaken on the boat, but many tasks are relocated to our barn in Brixham where volunteers work regularly throughout the winter sanding, varnishing and repainting to get Pilgrim ready for the 2023 season.

For a few weeks in January Pilgrim moves to a mid-river mooring so work onboard is paused, but volunteers still have go aboard daily to check everything is shipshape. Our Sailing Director, Lynda summarises our winter work and surveys the boat in this short video, made when she undertook a daily check recently.