Become a member and volunteer and join the Pilgrim Team. It's great fun!


Members of our Foundation are the very lifeblood of Pilgrim. Our members volunteer to tackle a very wide range of jobs that are critical to Pilgrim sailing and being preserved for the nation.

Pilgrim Foundation Members

As you can see it invariably involves a brew as well! Our member volunteers work in various groups with some members involved in just one and others in several groups. That’s your choice. We also have Foundation members who support us from afar and are not necessarily volunteers as well.


Our professional Skipper is supported by a volunteer sailing crew. Our sailing volunteers need to be fit and agile. They do not necessarily require prior experience. Our sailing volunteers undergo a a training programme before they can be added to the crew list. If you browse our sailing programme you can see where they go sailing!


Pilgrim takes a lot of looking after and that goes on year round. In the sailing season, its running repairs and regular maintenance and in the winter it refit’s and replacement work. Our Volunteers have a broad range of specialist skills and there’s also plenty of jobs for people who just want to help out.

Events and Education

The Events team look after our public and private Open Days and host the school visits and take care of other pontoon based events. Some of these volunteers have no inclination to sail but are key to our education and preservation activities.

Administration & Fundraising

We staff our office and administrative activities entirely with volunteers. That includes dealing with sailing guest bookings, promotion, marketing, IT and fundraising work. We need folks who are handy with social media, photography and all sorts of other activities.

Volunteers need to be members of the Foundation. If you are interested in joining us you need to complete the Application Form and make your Subscription Payment. Our subscriptions are £100 a year, that works out at just over £8 a month or the price of a cup of coffee each week. Our Membership ‘subs’ cover the cost of running our volunteer programmes and all those brews and biscuits! There are two main types of membership with different benefits. Some receive free Pilgrim merchandise while others get sailing vouchers. For further information click on the ‘Additional Information‘ tab on this link

PAYMENT can be made online here.