Fog will be our friend this season!

Fog will be our friend this season! In her 126th year, it’s ironic that Pilgrim faces perhaps one of the most difficult periods in her history. Like many businesses, the small band of Trustees of the Pilgrim Foundation had thought that 2020 would be the biggest challenge our small charity has had to face so far. We are constantly developing and implementing new ideas to keep afloat both financially and physically and now it seems that 2021 will stretch us even further.

To be able to sail this year we are having to be innovative. At the moment, we are reconfiguring our accommodation having improved ventilation in the main saloon.  More news on this work later!

To further strengthen a new cleaning regime developed in 2020 to combat the risk of infection, we have now invested in a fogging machine. This will be used to completely sanitise all the areas below deck before every sailing departure.



The “fogger” will disperse and permeate a deep fast acting fine, dry solution to all surfaces, nooks and crannies, including soft furnishings. It will deliver an anti-bacterial and anti-viral “fog” to kill germs and protect all surfaces from contamination for up to 30 days.

This adds a further regular layer to our armoury of viral infection control providing extra protection for the safety and wellbeing of our crew, guests and visitors. Fog is normally a hazard for Pilgrim and it is not normally associated with improving safety. Watch this space although you may not be able to see it!